Friday, May 22, 2009


JamLegend is a very addicting game that can be played by anyone who has internet. It's like a simplified version of guitar hero and you can just play it through your web browser! Just use your keyboard as a guitar and you're ready to jam like all the other players. It takes some time to master it, but only a few minutes to get the hang of it. If you like playing games like these, you should definitely try jamlegend. It's easy and fun!

Just go to and have fun! No registration needed, but if you want your scores and progress to be saved, signing up is very easy. See you in the showdowns! :D

Awesome game!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

I'm not a fan of Star Trek at all but I watched the newly released movie anyway since I have been hearing a lot of good feedback about the movie. Surprisingly, without knowing anything about Star Trek, I was still able to enjoy the movie. I think they summarized the story? The effects were awesome and the movie was actually quite easy to comprehend. No wonder the movie earned so much!

I love the role of the guy with the accent. I find him really funny. But then again, I really can't stand the ears of Spock and the others who live in Vulcan. Those pointy ears really disturb me. Even at the latter parts of the movie, I still wasn't used to having characters with pointy ears. Not just that, there were also weird creatures in the movie that look like aliens? They disturbed me too throughout the movie.

All in all, the movie was great, even for people who aren't really fans of Star Trek. If you haven't watched it yet, you must try and see it. It'll be worth it.

I still haven't watched Angels and Demons, but that will be the next movie that I will see, for sure! I'm quite excited already. :D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I am really craving for Dairy Queen right now. Their great tasting affordable ice cream is really one of the best. The Oreo Blizzard is clearly an all-time favorite, but the mudpie blizzard is definitely a must try flavor. Besides that, I still love the DQ Sandwiches which I call giant oreos. We used to buy boxes of DQ Sandwiches and keep it in our freezer at home. I eat at least one each day and those days really made me guilty. It also made me feel fat all the time, but it was worth it!

I sound like I'm advertising but I'm really not. I'm just craving for a blizzard right now!!

I miss Ben & Jerry's ice cream too, but we don't have them here in this country. :(

Monday, May 11, 2009

Italian Food

My favorite. I just never get tired of Italian food, especially pasta. I think even if I eat pizza and pasta everyday, I wouldn't get tired of it. There's a wide variety of flavors. Different noodles, different sauces, they're just amazing. I love the traditional spaghetti noodles with pesto! But still, I always try different flavors of pasta because I just can't get enough of it.

I always watch Everyday Italian in the Food Network. Giada de Laurentiis is pretty and she cooks the most appealing Italian dishes! She literally grew up with Italian food which makes everything better since she can practically be called an expert. Every episode makes me hungry. I'm craving for some Italian food right now!

What's your favorite cuisine? :D

Sunday, May 10, 2009



How often do you drink? Why do you drink?

Personally, I prefer hard drinks over beer because I don't want to have a large beer belly which is almost impossible to lose. Even though hard drinks can make us fat, I personally think it's better than beer. Hard drinks make people drunk a lot faster too. The farthest I've ever been to was barfing four times in a night because of alcohol. I've never done anything crazy or stupid because of alcohol... yet!

I drink for social purposes. I never drink alone, I always drink with friends because I think drinking alone would just be stupid and crazy. (Maybe because I don't have those "deep problems" yet)

I really hated it when I had to take care of a drunk friend. He vomited all over the place and some residue got stuck on my shirt. It was hella stinky, but I had no choice but to put him to bed. That was a very tough job!

Share a story? :D

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Joke 2

I'd like to share some jokes that my friend shared to me a few months back. He is currently living in Australia so he tried to share some jokes from Australia to us(my friends and I).

To make everything funnier, try your best to answer the questions before looking at the correct answer! Just a warning, there is a possibility that this post will piss you off.

1. What is red, and looks like a bucket?

2. What is brown, and sticky?

3. What has two legs, and blood all over?

4. What is red, and bad for your mouth? (especially your teeth)

ANSWERS: (highlight)
1. A Red Bucket

2. (Nope, not crap) A stick.

3. Half a dog

4. (Not candies) A Brick

Friday, May 8, 2009

Starbucks Barista!

I recently had a quick conversation with a close friend who is now staying in the USA. He is just waiting for college to start so I asked him what he was doing there while waiting. He said he already has a job. I was stunned for a bit, then asked, "A job?" Then he explained that he is going to work full-time in Starbucks as a barista. I personally think that's amazing since he's being productive at the moment, but then I wondered how he would focus on his studies if he's working full-time. He quickly answered that once school starts, he'll only work part-time. He immediately explained that a lot of college students in the USA are working part-time too. (I'm not really familiar with the lifestyle of college students there)

Being curious, I asked him how much he earns while working in Starbucks. I fell off my seat when he said $9.50 an hour! Full-time employees work 40 hours a week. The first thing that came to my mind is that he could immediately buy an iPhone (with a 2 year contract in AT&T) in less than a week!!! I was so jealous of him because (as I said in my previous post) I need to earn money to buy myself a new phone! I bet he will be really rich after a few months. I'll keep in touch with him to get more updates about his job and his life there in the USA.

Being desperate that I am, I'm trying to earn money myself(which is why there are ads all over my blog, lol). But as of today, I still have no luck. 0 clicks!

Anyone want to share some experiences related to this? :D feel free to comment.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Craze? My Brute

My Brute is a browser game passed on to me by my friends. Joining this game is surprisingly simple. You just have to name your brute, and then you already own it! You can put a password later on to make sure that only you have control of that brute. Characters here get random bonuses when they level up. They have stats, skills, and weapons. It really is interesting especially with all the different varieties of characters! It is a simple game where you just have to sit back, relax, and watch your brute fight others. Always cross your fingers that your brute will do well in the match!

Trying it won't harm you, it'll only take a few minutes of your time! You might not even know it yet, but you might be one of those people who can climb the ladder!

You can join by being my pupil at:

See you at the arena! :D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fish Wrangler!

Fish Wrangler! is one of the best applications in facebook! It surely gets a lot of people's time because it is a highly addictive game. It's one of those games in where you should go back and click "Fish NOW!" every 15 minutes. With the progress that you're making, you'll surely be excited to level up, earn money, and buy new equipment.

There are many poles and chums to choose from. But of course, some are costly. The poles level up in order to be able to catch better fish. There are also high quality chums to have a better chance of catching better fish. Besides that, there are also boats. You must buy boats in order to travel to far places and be able to have a night fishing party.

Progressing in this game isn't so hard so once you start, it'll be hard to stop. It's really worth trying. I am currently fishing in blue crescent with a steam powered hydro pole, using fish guts chum. :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nokia e71

This is one of the cellphones that really got my attention. I NEED to have this phone!! My current cellphone's joystick is already broken so I really have a hard time scrolling through some stuff. It has been with me for over two years now and I dropped it about a hundred times. Nokia e71 is the next phone for me! I must have it but I don't have enough money to buy it yet. I still have to earn so I don't know how long that would take. My parents won't buy me the phone since they think buying an expensive phone would be useless. But then, I really fell in love with this phone when I saw it and felt it for the first time.

After reading a couple of reviews about this phone, almost everyone said it is an awesome phone. It is an all-around smartphone and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I really hope I would get this phone really soon! I HAVE TO CHANGE MY TRASHY PHONE. :D

Kite Surfing

I've always wanted to learn how to surf because it looks really fun especially with the strong waves in beaches. However, this is impossible if you live in my country. Kite surfing (others call it kite boarding) is the closest I can get. I still haven't tried this but I've always wanted to. I don't want to try and learn surfing through the artificial man-made waves in some resorts. I want to try the real thing. I promise myself that one day I will try this sport. I am sure I will definitely have fun doing this. There is also another sport called wake boarding. That would be an alternative, but whatever happens, I must try kite surfing at least once in my life. This is a dream that is yet to come true! Kite surfing really looks awesome.

Is anyone out there interested in the same sport too? Maybe you can share your own experiences in similar water sports? :D

Monday, May 4, 2009


I recently watched this movie in a high-end cinema. According to critics' reviews and ratings from different websites, the movie received high ratings! Watching the movie myself, I also think that this movie is awesome, along with maybe millions of other people. Even though I really do not know the history of wolverine or how he became wolverine, I still enjoyed it since the movie really fills in the missing pieces.
What's sad about this is that I was really looking forward to Gambit's scenes. It turns out he only plays a very minor role in the movie. Because of this, he only appeared for only about 5-10 minutes throughout the movie.
This movie made me want to watch the previous X-Men movies again because of all the mutants that were shown in the movie. There weren't too much action for the other mutants in the movie.
Anyway, besides that, Hugh Jackman really played his role well. This is definitely a must see movie, especially since this is the first movie that the other mutants appeared in.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Attention Everyone

I'm trying to get as many readers as I can but I am not sure quite how to do it. For now, I will try to fill my blog with interesting content everyday. Maybe this blog would be worth spreading to other people when it is filled with many content. It looks kind of empty right now, but I'm working on it.

I'm not sure how the RSS feed thing works. Well, I really don't know how it works but I placed it on my sidebar anyway, wishing for more readers to follow my blog. Maybe a good soul can simply explain it here?

Anyway, I hope you guys stay tuned for more posts to come! Visit this blog everyday!


Joke 1

I heard this joke from a friend who is living in another country right now. Made me laugh.

There was a woman without arms walking along the shore of a beach. She looks sad and depressed. When a tall handsome guy passed by, the woman said, "I've never been hugged before." Then, the tall handsome guy hugged her and left her.

The next day, the woman without arms was still walking along the shore of a beach. The same tall handsome guy passed by. Still sad and depressed, the woman said, "I've never been kissed before." So, the tall handsome guy pecked her on her cheek and left.

The day after that, the woman without arms was still walking along the shore of a beach. When the tall handsome guy passed by again, the woman said, "I've never been fucked before." Because of this, the tall handsome guy carried her and walked towards the sea. The guy threw her to the deep part of the ocean. As the guy was leaving, he said, "You're fucked."


Share a joke? Comment :D

Defense of the Ancients

image from

One of the most popular games to date: DotA. I started playing this game four years ago. I myself introduced the game to lots of my friends. I was one of the best players back then. However, the following year, I stopped playing, and so did some of my friends.

Now, all of us started playing again. The players I was pwning back then are now pwning me! I just need to brush up a little with all of the updates of items and heroes. There shall be a comeback day for me! ... I hope.

The great thing about this game is it involves a lot of strategy and skill. One must always outsmart his opponent or eat them alive early in the game in order to get a huge advantage. Teamwork is a necessity in order to push all the way to the opponents' base. With great timing and combo of the heroes' skills, the team would surely dominate the battle.

The downside, however, of the game is that it can temporarily ruin friendships amongst people. If one of your teammates failed to execute the skill at the correct time, he will surely be stormed with curses in an instant. He will be called a "noob" for about a hundred times.

Every player passes through this stage. The so-called "noob" will be calling other playes "noob" in time.

Do you play dota? If yes, why not share some of your own experiences?

If not, try it now!

Great Casting

I recently watched the movie 17 again.

I'm not a movie critic but I just have to say I enjoyed the movie. It was funny and mushy at the same time but I was not really focused on the movie's plot because of the following:

1. Scarlet, the wife, always reminded me of another movie that she acted in: Knocked Up. So you could just imagine how my mind flew while watching the film. It became funnier.

2. Matthew Perry will always be Chandler in my eyes. God, I love Friends. No offense, but he's getting old!

3. The unintentional incest scenes in the movie were really disturbing for me.

Even with these in mind, I still enjoyed the movie. Matthew Perry's bestfriend in the movie made the movie really humorous. This is definitely one of those movies that everyone must watch. I would watch it again if I have the chance.

I will blog about the future movies that I will watch! Why not express your own opinions? Comment.


Starting the blog.

I want to check if I can actually maintain a blog. I hope I can attract viewers in time and try to make this blog known to the public. Because of that, I would like to remain anonymous. For now. Call me Bob(not my real name of course): the owner of this blog.

Where did I get superdominant?

When I was creating this blog a few minutes ago, I had no idea what username to put since I wanted to remain anonymous. To solve the problem, I googled a random word generator. I generated over a hundred words and most of the words were already taken. As for the other words, they were just too obscure for people to remember so I did not even bother. When the random word generator generated the word superdominant, I decided to use it as my username because the word is quite simple. It is easy to remember. However, I do not care what SUPERDOMINANT means. Who cares anyway?

I want to remain anonymous so that it would be easier for me to share personal experiences in my future posts. But then, I think I will post a lot of random stuff in here which I am sure will be interesting.

Visit the blog from time to time, people. You will get to know me better the more you read here. Feel free to post comments.