Sunday, May 3, 2009

Great Casting

I recently watched the movie 17 again.

I'm not a movie critic but I just have to say I enjoyed the movie. It was funny and mushy at the same time but I was not really focused on the movie's plot because of the following:

1. Scarlet, the wife, always reminded me of another movie that she acted in: Knocked Up. So you could just imagine how my mind flew while watching the film. It became funnier.

2. Matthew Perry will always be Chandler in my eyes. God, I love Friends. No offense, but he's getting old!

3. The unintentional incest scenes in the movie were really disturbing for me.

Even with these in mind, I still enjoyed the movie. Matthew Perry's bestfriend in the movie made the movie really humorous. This is definitely one of those movies that everyone must watch. I would watch it again if I have the chance.

I will blog about the future movies that I will watch! Why not express your own opinions? Comment.


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