Monday, May 4, 2009


I recently watched this movie in a high-end cinema. According to critics' reviews and ratings from different websites, the movie received high ratings! Watching the movie myself, I also think that this movie is awesome, along with maybe millions of other people. Even though I really do not know the history of wolverine or how he became wolverine, I still enjoyed it since the movie really fills in the missing pieces.
What's sad about this is that I was really looking forward to Gambit's scenes. It turns out he only plays a very minor role in the movie. Because of this, he only appeared for only about 5-10 minutes throughout the movie.
This movie made me want to watch the previous X-Men movies again because of all the mutants that were shown in the movie. There weren't too much action for the other mutants in the movie.
Anyway, besides that, Hugh Jackman really played his role well. This is definitely a must see movie, especially since this is the first movie that the other mutants appeared in.


  1. This was a great movie....that really explains why wolverine is the way he is.... I also wanted to see more gambit scenes because his powers are so amazing... they should make a gambit origins movies or focus more on him in some regard.... the movie is great filled with action, my favorite good and bad mutants this is just to good for words... This was an awesome post please keep these coming... i am now follow your blog... check out mine and maybe you can follow mines...Later!

  2. Thank you for the feedback! I agree that they should make gambit origins too. :D I'm now following your blog too. Later!

  3. So true about the lack of Gambit in these X-Men movies. In the comics and earlier TV shows, he was second only to Wolverine

  4. Ohh really? I didn't know that! I sure hope if ever there's another upcoming movie, there would be more Gambit. Amen to that.