Sunday, May 10, 2009



How often do you drink? Why do you drink?

Personally, I prefer hard drinks over beer because I don't want to have a large beer belly which is almost impossible to lose. Even though hard drinks can make us fat, I personally think it's better than beer. Hard drinks make people drunk a lot faster too. The farthest I've ever been to was barfing four times in a night because of alcohol. I've never done anything crazy or stupid because of alcohol... yet!

I drink for social purposes. I never drink alone, I always drink with friends because I think drinking alone would just be stupid and crazy. (Maybe because I don't have those "deep problems" yet)

I really hated it when I had to take care of a drunk friend. He vomited all over the place and some residue got stuck on my shirt. It was hella stinky, but I had no choice but to put him to bed. That was a very tough job!

Share a story? :D


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, drinking. Appropriate for me to read this post on a Friday. Best drinking is chilling with friends outside on a weekend. Some good BBQ, some good beverages, the best music. I think I will do that tonight.

  2. Wow I'm jealous :( sounds like a small party to me. I bet you'll have so much fun doing that. Enjoy! :D