Sunday, May 3, 2009

Defense of the Ancients

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One of the most popular games to date: DotA. I started playing this game four years ago. I myself introduced the game to lots of my friends. I was one of the best players back then. However, the following year, I stopped playing, and so did some of my friends.

Now, all of us started playing again. The players I was pwning back then are now pwning me! I just need to brush up a little with all of the updates of items and heroes. There shall be a comeback day for me! ... I hope.

The great thing about this game is it involves a lot of strategy and skill. One must always outsmart his opponent or eat them alive early in the game in order to get a huge advantage. Teamwork is a necessity in order to push all the way to the opponents' base. With great timing and combo of the heroes' skills, the team would surely dominate the battle.

The downside, however, of the game is that it can temporarily ruin friendships amongst people. If one of your teammates failed to execute the skill at the correct time, he will surely be stormed with curses in an instant. He will be called a "noob" for about a hundred times.

Every player passes through this stage. The so-called "noob" will be calling other playes "noob" in time.

Do you play dota? If yes, why not share some of your own experiences?

If not, try it now!

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